Harry Bouton did it. So did ‎Erik Weisz. I just want to be accorded the same consideration. Please?

I am the village formerly known as Colon, but still the Magic Capital of the World

I need your help.

I am a small village of about 1200 residents in Southwest Michigan and for the past 165 years people have been making fun of my name.

I didn’t really mind at first. For most of fifty years I thought the joke were clever, cute and witty. But by the time the Twentieth Century rolled around, it was all getting a bit boring. I learned to ignore most of the jibes. Some, however, were mean spirited, and some were downright nasty (in more ways than one!).

Enough is enough! We’re now well into the Twenty-First Century, and it’s time for a change.

I want a new name.

In 1855, Elais Stone gave me this crappy name (see, I can make stupid puns too), but it’s going to be up to YOU to give me a new one. I’m looking for your suggestions! Please use the form below to submit your ideas for a new village name. When we get some good ones we’ll put it up for a vote.

Until then, just call me The Village Formerly Known as Colon…

Don’t worry — I will never spam you or give your information to anyone else (I’m just a village after all). And neither your last name nor email address will ever be published without your consent.

Suggest a New Village Name

I’m looking for your suggestions! Please tell me what you think the Magic Capital of the World should be named.

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Submit Your Joke

I think I’ve heard them all, but maybe not. If you have a funny joke about my OLD village name, by all means, lay it on me.
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As suggestions and jokes start pouring in we’ll be adding a page where you can VOTE for the best ones submitted. Be sure to check back every day to see what has been added. (Better yet, submit your email address here and we’ll contact you when something changes.)

Colon’s 31 Flavors of Magic is a unique all-day festival featuring almost every possible variant of magic imaginable.

During the 5th annual 31 Flavors of Magic, the entire village of Colon (all two or three blocks of it) will become our Midway of Magic, with each location and storefront hosting its own taste of mystery. All of the restaurants, all of the bars, all of the magic shops, will be participating.

Visitors can enjoy close-up magic, parlor magic, stage, mentalism, street performers, and kids’ shows simply by walking out one door and into another.

Participating shops for 2019 include:

* Abbott’s Magic Company
* FAB Magic Company
* Colon Township Library
* Curly’s Bar & Grill
* American Legion
* Dawn’s Restaurant
* Five Star Pizza
* M&M Grill
* Colon Grange
* New Life Assembly of God Church

You probably won’t be able to see everything there is to see on Colon’s Midway of Magic. But you’ll have six hours to try. Get your tickets today at http://magic-festival.com!

Would you like to know when we publish new suggestions?

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Want to know more? There’s tons of information all over the Internet about me (I’m a pretty famous village, after all), but here’s a few short articles to get you started.

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